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Financial Planning

Spy Game (2001) is all about retirement: Nathan Muir's last day at work at the CIA. Muir (Robert Redford) has a protege, Bishop (Brad Pitt), who's been thrown into a very unpleasant prison in coastal China. Muir calls his broker and tells him to sell all of his assets, raising $282,000 to bribe a Chinese official [...]

The Right Stuff (1983) is a movie that's begun to be fully appreciated only recently. One of its best scenes is when the iconic test pilot Chuck Yeager (played by Sam Shepard) takes a very dangerous flight in an NF-104 Starfighter in December 1963, attempting to break the world altitude record. At the edge of space above the [...]

 I think "budgets" are the reason many more people don't have a sensible strategy for reaching their financial goals. The word "budget" creates obstacles in two ways. First, budgets imply choices, tradeoffs, and the unpleasant word "no." Second, most people lack even half the clarity about their spending that's required to make a reasonably accurate budget. Without good [...]

A financial plan should be a thoughtful alignment of your income, expenses, saving, and asset allocation that makes it more likely you'll achieve what matters most to you. Your estate plan is financial plan's autopilot, ensuring that your capabilities carry out your goals, even if you're not around to supervise things yourself. Using the Quadrant-based life cycle planning [...]

It's unclear whether Auguste Comte really said that "demography is destiny," but you can and should use demographic data to make better estate and financial planning decisions. As we've noted, an estate plan often represents a set of predictions about a family's future, predictions that will be improved when the plan considers the family's Longevity Distribution. Your [...]