With Whom We Partner

Trust Officers

We’ve seen many examples of how strong trust company relationships help clients successfully manage, grow and protect assets – especially in later old age. We enjoy collaborating with trust officers to help improve beneficiaries’ estate and tax planning and reduce liability risks for trustees.

Financial Advisors

Carter is a Certified Financial Planner®, and we’ve seen client benefits of working with fairly priced and capable financial advisors, particularly to help manage behavioral tendencies that can obstruct successful selfdirected investing. We enjoy collaborating with asset management professionals to design and improve trust arrangements in which wealth is managed, and implement clients’ estate planning and estate administration needs.

Insurance Professionals

As a Chartered Life Underwriter®, we have seen many instances of creative and valuable applications for life and long-term care insurance in business planning, retirement security, and longevity risk management. We enjoy working with energetic and seasoned insurance professionals to design and improve trust arrangements that incorporate insurance, especially to reduce risk of discord or litigation for blended families, or enhance future security for financially dependent adult children.

Other Attorneys

Some of the clients we most enjoy working with are other attorneys that engage us as special or local counsel for specialized estate planning, estate and income tax planning, and estate administration issues their clients face. Projects with other attorneys often include advising on trust and tax law issues arising in litigation or business transactions, and engagements as special Florida counsel.


We believe the extensive and recurring perspective accountants develop for clients during business and tax planning work is invaluable for efficient, effective estate planning. We embrace opportunities to collaborate closely with capable, seasoned CPAs to write and implement estate plans for their clients, and trusts to implement estate and income tax planning ideas.

Development Professionals

Because our clients are often very excited about charitable goals, and because philanthropy offers many estate and income tax planning opportunities, we appreciate collaborating with development professionals at non-profit organizations, universities and community foundations.