How We Work


Because so many of our clients are incredibly busy and pressed for time, we emphasize removing barriers to action. A large part of our convenience factor is making meetings convenient for you . Our main office at 6009 Brownsboro Park Boulevard offers easy access from downtown, the East End, I-71, and I-264. It also offers plenty of free parking with easy walk-in access, and an open invitation to visit and experience a friendly, personalized environment, refreshments and engaging conversation.

Predictable, Prompt Progress

We want your estate planning to get to “done,” not get stalled partway through. At our first meeting, expect us to compare calendars with you and set a date, time and place to sign final documents. We work your project backwards from that date, sending you a meeting summary and an outline for your plan, and follow up with drafts for you to review well in advance of signing. After signing, we follow up with guidance on updating and coordinating beneficiary designations for retirement plans and insurance.

Predictable Fees

We believe the fees you pay should reflect the value you receive, not the time we direct to your project. We offer the option of “firm estimate” project-based pricing on the majority of our work. That way, you know your cost exposure up front.

Investing for the Private Client Experience

We believe that providing personalized legal advice and work for private clients requires a high level of investment in resources, technology, infrastructure and capabilities. Our focus differs from that of typical large law firms serving primarily institutional clients. We invest substantially in client communications, legal research, cutting-edge financial modeling software, and a great office location, but can also provide efficiency and lower costs. Our clients enjoy the advantages of greater convenience, continual investment in new ideas and techniques, a great client experience, and meaningfully lower fees.