Welcome to Kentucky Estates

Welcome to Kentucky Estates!  2010 is a remarkable year in the trust and estates world because estate tax repeal has actually happened.  As of now, we expect the tax to return, but divining the details requires a close watch on Washington, and a lot of patience.

While we watch and wait, there continue to be many interesting developments.

This blog’s purpose is to share and discuss tax and non-tax recent developments of interest to the estate planning, estate administration, fiduciary, and wealth management community in Kentucky.

Anchored in that focus, the blog will cover the following from time to time:

  • Florida developments with implications for Kentucky “snowbirds”
  • Developments in sister states are too interesting to pass up, even if they provide only persuasive authority here in Kentucky
  • Issues that are not strictly legal, including: law-and-economics, managing professional service firms, public policy, and investing
  • For low-brow human interest, the occasional celebrity estate dispute
  • For higher-brow interest, occasional comments on trust and estate law in literature, film, and culture.

Please don’t hesitate to join the discussion by posting a comment (bearing in mind, of course, that this is intended as a professional and collegial forum).

2010 will be an interesting year for all of us.  Thank you for visiting Kentucky Estates.

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