Your Publisher’s New Opportunity at PNC Wealth Management

I am excited to share the news that I am joining PNC Wealth Management on December 28, 2010 as a Senior Wealth Planner in their Louisville office.

My colleagues at PNC will include Chris Staples, Jim Turner, and Melanie McCoy, who are well known in Kentucky’s T&E Community. PNC’s Wealth Planning Group is led by Steve Pappaterra and Mark Buxton. You can learn more about the group (including its National Practice Groups focusing on various issues) here. I will be working with the Planning for Business Owners National Practice Group.

The core focus of this site – sharing and discussing recent developments in estate, tax, and financial planning – will be a very significant part of my role at PNC. In that role, I look forward to continuing the conversations and relationships with readers that have been the best part of publishing KYEstates in 2010, the incredible year when Estate Tax Repeal Actually Happened!

With colleagues at PNC, I plan to continue frequent speaking and publishing. To that end, if you are putting together a CLE program, have an article in mind, or just want to talk about an issue of interest to the T&E Community, you can always reach me at carter[dot]ruml[at]gmail[dot]com or 502.938.4184. When my contact information at PNC is available, I will also post it on

I want to mention, too, my appreciation for all of my friends and colleagues at Wyatt and in the firm’s estate planning department. My last day at Wyatt will be December 17.

In case you were wondering: no, we have not forgotten about the Estate Tax Forecasting Contest! As of today, there is still no definitive legislation (along those lines, see our March 12, 2010 prediction that has held up rather well here), so the contest is still open (and no, it’s not too late to enter). We will monitor developments closely, and as soon as we’re able to, we will eagerly award prizes (which will be great, we promise) and announce the winners.

Readers, thank you for your support for the site and for me during this first phase of KYEstates.

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