Publications by me:

  • My Old Kentucky Home or the Sunshine State? Residency and Estate Planning Issues for Kentucky “Snowbirds” in Florida, Kentucky Bench & Bar, November 2010, at 20 (co-author with Robert H. Eardley). PDF Version.
  • Doing Good While Doing Well: Charitable Planning With the Closely Held Business, INSIGHTS Magazine (Willamette Management), Autumn 2010, at 3 (co-author with Turney P. Berry). PDF Version.
  • Estate Planning Issues for S Corporations, in Kentucky Estate Planning, 3rd ed. (UK/CLE) (2009) (co-author with Turney P. Berry). PDF Version.
  • The Coase Theorem & Western U.S. Appropriative Water Rights, 45 Nat. Resources J. 169 (2005).  PDF Version.

Publications about me: