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Substantial Win for “Buy and Hold” FLP – Murphy Oil Heirs Are Smiling (But the IRS Isn’t)

 It’s possible KYEstates readers are focused on the Paul-Grayson Senate race, or the Louisville mayoral race (see latest polls here, and here, respectively). If you want a break from politics, however, we can take you back to the normal state of things (i.e., all transfer taxes, all the time) with a report on a truly resounding taxpayer […]


Scylla and Charybdis: Valuation Discounts and Present Interests

The Petter case recently analyzed by KYEstate$ noted that valuation discounts are “a major goal . . . of contemporary estate planning” because they often “create the possibility of a more taxpayer-friendly valuation.” Petter cautioned, however, that valuation discounts are “often a major problem.”  It’s not surprising that the IRS would see valuation discounts as […]


FY2011 Green Book: Administration Plans on Estate Tax Return

Will the estate tax, like an old soldier, fade away? Or, like the same old soldier, will it return? The FY2011 Green Book, recently published by our friends in Washington, shows they are planning for the tax to return. The transfer tax sections of the FY2011 Green Book are looking awfully similar to what we […]