Tax Court

Scylla and Charybdis: Valuation Discounts and Present Interests

The Petter case recently analyzed by KYEstate$ noted that valuation discounts are “a major goal . . . of contemporary estate planning” because they often “create the possibility of a more taxpayer-friendly valuation.” Petter cautioned, however, that valuation discounts are “often a major problem.”  It’s not surprising that the IRS would see valuation discounts as […]


"Glom On" To This Good News About Defined Value Clauses and IDGT Sales

KYEstates strives to provide fair and balanced commentary. No, truly, we do. Image: U.S. Tax Court Website So, when we are biased, we’ll let you know. Please be advised that KYEstates is biased in favor of the taxpayer. For that reason, KYEstates is happy to report on the facts, arguments, and taxpayer victory in Estate of […]