Rand Paul

Kentucky Primary Election Report

Yesterday, for at least one day, Kentucky was the focus of national attention.  See, e.g., Slate article here, Washington Post article here, Politico article here. Despite the heavy coverage, we don’t think this vox pop clip from WHAS-11 was picked up by the national media, so we’ll share it with you.  We’re proud of you, […]


Substantial Win for “Buy and Hold” FLP – Murphy Oil Heirs Are Smiling (But the IRS Isn’t)

 It’s possible KYEstates readers are focused on the Paul-Grayson Senate race, or the Louisville mayoral race (see latest polls here, and here, respectively). If you want a break from politics, however, we can take you back to the normal state of things (i.e., all transfer taxes, all the time) with a report on a truly resounding taxpayer […]