Don’t Let Your Nonprofit Be a “Day Late and a Dollar Short” For Failure to File Its Form 990

KYEstates has previously noted that when the mainstream media covers matters of interest to the T&E Community, results can be spotty in quality or usefulness.  Last week, the New York Times published an exception to this rule – a very important article warning that up to 400,000 nonprofit organizations (i.e., up to one-fourth of the nation’s nonprofits) are […]


Nonprofit Directors in T&E Community: Take Note of Incentive Funds

T&E Community – although KYEstate$ focuses on T&E law matters, when we learn information useful to our readers, we will pass it along.  Many KYEstate$ readers serve as directors of nonprofit boards, or work in fundraising or planned giving for nonprofits, and that’s why we think this Business First article will be interesting.  The article […]