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An Early Springtime In Frankfort: HB 188 Advances in Kentucky Senate

KYEstate$ has previously reported on HB 188.  In an important development in Frankfort on March 4, HB 188 was reported favorably by the Kentucky Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  The bill has been placed on the Senate’s consent calendar, and prospects for its passage look reasonably positive.  The bill’s status report is here. Representative Tom Kerr was […]


Kentucky 2010 Legislative Update 2 – HB 188 Offers Many Improvements to Kentucky’s Probate and Trust Laws

HB 188 passed the Kentucky House unanimously on January 21, and was referred to the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee on January 25.  The full text of HB 188, along with the report on the bill’s status, is available here.  HB 188 contains many improvements to Kentucky’s probate and trust laws, including: