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Mr. Filburn, Meet Mr. Attlee – Taxes, The Health Care Bill, and You

Unless you are a truly basketball-crazed KYEstates reader, by now you are well aware that the Health Care Bill passed the House last night.  This legislation is significant, and that is an understatement. Both supporters and detractors of the bill might see this as America’s analogue to July 5, 1948, when the Attlee Cabinet’s National […]


Kentucky 2010 Legislative Update 2 – HB 188 Offers Many Improvements to Kentucky’s Probate and Trust Laws

HB 188 passed the Kentucky House unanimously on January 21, and was referred to the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee on January 25.  The full text of HB 188, along with the report on the bill’s status, is available here.  HB 188 contains many improvements to Kentucky’s probate and trust laws, including: