HB 188

A Big News Day: Section 7520 Rate Stays Put, 10 Year GRAT Legislation, Gov. Beshear Signs HB 188!

KYEstates readers – this was a big day in the world of T&E.  Perhaps not epochal, but at least big. 1) Good news for procrastinators: although interest rates may be headed up, for April, AFRs are virtually unchanged from March levels, and the section 7520 rate has not budged.  For details, see Rev. Rul. 2010-11 […]


Kentucky Legislative Update: HB 188 Passes Senate; Awaits Governor’s Signature

In welcome news for the Kentucky T&E Community, HB 188 passed the Senate unanimously yesterday.  (Status update here.)  KYEstates encourages Governor Beshear to sign the bill.  We’re on the verge of some welcome improvements to Kentucky’s probate laws.  (Thanks to Jim Worthington for alerting KYEstates to this good news.)  For detailed coverage of HB 188′s […]


An Early Springtime In Frankfort: HB 188 Advances in Kentucky Senate

KYEstate$ has previously reported on HB 188.  In an important development in Frankfort on March 4, HB 188 was reported favorably by the Kentucky Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  The bill has been placed on the Senate’s consent calendar, and prospects for its passage look reasonably positive.  The bill’s status report is here. Representative Tom Kerr was […]