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Your Single-Member LLC: Not A Mighty Fortress

The tar balls are hitting Florida’s beaches, but the state’s courts aren’t yet clogged with oil spill litigation.  With some time on its hands, the Florida Supreme Court is still able to issue advisory opinions, including its June 24 decision in Olmstead v. Federal Trade Commission, 2010 WL 2518106 (Fla. 2010).  Olmstead may not be as important […]


Choice of Residency – Kentucky Home or Sunshine State?

Readers, thank you for your patience. A tax season full of 1065s, 1041s, and 709s reduced posting frequency at KYEstates during the last two weeks. But we have been hard at work on something really good, something we hope will be quite useful. We’re proud to present our KYEstates Florida v. Kentucky residency planning chart. […]