Bankruptcy Code 522(d)(12)

In re Chilton – Bad News for Creditor Protection for Inherited IRAs

As previously discussed in this post, KYEstates strives to provide fair and balanced coverage, so when we are biased, we will let you know.  To that end, we previously warned readers that we are biased in favor of the taxpayer.  (Apparently, when we made this (not-so-shocking) disclosure, the IRS noticed, because shortly afterwards we started […]


Creditor Protection for Inherited IRAs

Asset protection sometimes involves aggressive strategies and exotic offshore locations (or more mundane domestic locations, like Delaware).  Don’t forget, however, that some of the very best asset protection involves a very ordinary account: the IRA. In re Nessa, 105 A.F.T.R.2d 2010-609 (Jan. 11, 2010), held that inherited section 408 IRAs transferred to another trustee remain retirement funds […]