2011 Green Book

House Passes Bill on 10-Year GRAT Terms; Craziest Probate Case of the Year?

As other T&E bloggers have capably noted (e.g., Gary Beyer here and Hani Sarji here), the House passed H.R. 4849 (the Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act of 2010) on March 24. The vote was 246-178 in favor of the bill (see the full report on the vote from the New York Times here). KYEstates alerted […]


A Big News Day: Section 7520 Rate Stays Put, 10 Year GRAT Legislation, Gov. Beshear Signs HB 188!

KYEstates readers – this was a big day in the world of T&E.  Perhaps not epochal, but at least big. 1) Good news for procrastinators: although interest rates may be headed up, for April, AFRs are virtually unchanged from March levels, and the section 7520 rate has not budged.  For details, see Rev. Rul. 2010-11 […]


FY2011 Green Book: Administration Plans on Estate Tax Return

Will the estate tax, like an old soldier, fade away? Or, like the same old soldier, will it return? The FY2011 Green Book, recently published by our friends in Washington, shows they are planning for the tax to return. The transfer tax sections of the FY2011 Green Book are looking awfully similar to what we […]