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  1. KYEstates could be considered to be an advertisement in Kentucky, under Kentucky’s attorney rules of professional conduct.
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This page also makes a broad disclaimer regarding KYEstates blog ownership and content, cautions against reliance on KYEstates blog information, and advises you that reading the KYEstates blog or communicating with its owner or author does not create a professional relationship with Carter Ruml or any business entity (or affiliate of any such entity) employing Ruml.

Because I am a practicing attorney and regulations governing attorneys are complex, the summary above is only a summary, and the full disclosure and disclaimer are provided below.

Substantive Disclosure

Under Kentucky Supreme Court Rule (7.02)(1)(j), I believe the KYEstates blog and related webpages are not advertisements for Kentucky purposes.  It is possible, however, that the Kentucky Bar Association might determine otherwise.  Accordingly, as a precaution, please be advised that:


I believe that under the rules of the Florida Bar Association, the KYEstates blog and its related webpages are an advertisement that complied or complies with Rule 4-7.2, as evidenced by this checklist.  Please be advised that for Florida purposes, the KYEstates blog and its related webpages were or are a:


Substantive Disclaimer

This Blog is owned and operated by C. Carter Ruml, and not by any law firm, financial institution, or other person or business entity.

No material on KYEstates.com represents the opinion, position, or views of any person or institution other than Carter Ruml, including, without limitation, Stites & Harbison PLLC, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. or any of its affiliates (together, “PNC”) or Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP (“Wyatt”). Further, no material on this site is legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other professional advice, or an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any security.

The information contained in this Blog is provided for informational purposes only.

Do not apply general information in this Blog or elsewhere to specific facts without consulting an attorney, accountant, or other appropriately qualified professional.

Reading this Blog or communicating with Ruml will not and does not create a professional relationship with Ruml or any past or present employer of Ruml, including, without limitation, Stites, Wyatt, or PNC.

This Blog links to other blogs or materials for convenience, but such links do not reply responsibility for or endorsement of the linked material or its author(s). Comments on the site reflect the opinions of their respective author, and do not reflect the opinion of Ruml or any past or present employer of Ruml, including, without limitation, Stites, Wyatt, or PNC.

This Blog is provided “AS IS” without express or implied warranty of any kind, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

IRS Circular 230 may require that you be advised that you may not rely on any U.S. tax advice contained anywhere in this Blog or linked materials to avoid Federal tax penalties.

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