I created KYEstates to share and discuss tax and non-tax recent developments of interest to the estate planning, estate administration, fiduciary, and wealth management community in Kentucky.

Trusts & Estates combine several elements.  The first element is “family,” or what Graham Greene referred to in a different context as The Human Factor.  The second element is “money”.  These first two elements may be the last private areas of American life.  Usually, a third element presents: taxes, and when that is the case one has ample opportunities for sparring with Big Brother. Finally, often, there is a fourth element: the family business.  These elements ensure that no engagement is ever quite the same, and often combine in various ways to create very interesting and challenging situations.

KYEstates could be regarded as attorney advertising in Kentucky, and it is attorney advertising in Florida.

KYEstates provides a detailed Disclaimer here.

About the Publisher:

After graduating from Stanford Law, I (Carter Ruml) moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  I am a Member of Stites & Harbison PLLC in Louisville, with a legal practice focused on estate planning, estate administration, and business law matters for Kentucky and Florida private clients, family businesses, and fiduciaries.  (For more details about my role and group at Stites, see here.)  You can reach me at Stites at 502.681.0403 or cruml {at} stites {dot} com.

Before joining Stites, I was a Vice President & Senior Wealth Planner at PNC Wealth Management in Louisville and an attorney in private practice at Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP in Louisville.

You can learn a little more about me through my LinkedIn profile.

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I occasionally post comments and observations unrelated to trusts and estates.  To reach the page with links to those comments, click here..








If you thought the photos rotating through the media pane of pages on KYEstates evoke “Spring Break, Florida, 1948″, you’d be correct.  (Most, but not all, of them date from 1946 through 1949 – the bright early years of our late American Century.)  They are public domain images from the State Library and Archives of Florida. You might enjoy browsing their online collections, available at Florida Memory.

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