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April 2010

KYEstates has previously noted that when the mainstream media covers matters of interest to the T&E Community, results can be spotty in quality or usefulness.  Last week, the New York Times published an exception to this rule - a very important article warning that up to 400,000 nonprofit organizations (i.e., up to one-fourth of the nation's nonprofits) are [...]

Readers, thank you for your patience. A tax season full of 1065s, 1041s, and 709s reduced posting frequency at KYEstates during the last two weeks. But we have been hard at work on something really good, something we hope will be quite useful. We're proud help your Florida residency planning with our Florida v. Kentucky residency [...]

Breaking News: The Delta Has Closed

KYEstates has received first-hand eyewitness reports today that after nearly 47 and a half years of operation, The Delta Restaurant and Lounge has closed its doors.  The restaurant was an institution for Louisville's legal community in general and for the T&E Community in particular.  A notice posted on the door cites the owner's desire to [...]

We're never happy to report IRS wins at KYEstates, but if we have to bring you news of taxpayer defeat, we like it when the defeat breaks no new ground in favor of the government. KYEstates previously discussed the denial of the annual exclusion for gifts of limited partnership interests in Price, which was sort of [...]

Good news, T&E Community, particularly for fiduciaries: 2009 investment advisory fees charged to nongrantor trusts or to estates continue to be fully deductible without regard to the two percent floor under section 67(a) of the Code. IRS Notice 2010-32 extends the interim guidance provided in Notice 2008-116 and Notice 2008-32 regarding investment advisory costs subject to the [...]

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