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February 2010

HB 188 passed the Kentucky House unanimously on January 21, and was referred to the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee on January 25.  The full text of HB 188, along with the report on the bill's status, is available here.  HB 188 contains many improvements to Kentucky's probate and trust laws, including:  Amendments to KRS 381 [...]

Welcome Readers of Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog!

What a great day for KYEstates!  Prof. Gerry Beyer has kindly written a post on his leading T&E blog to introduce KYEstates to the T&E Community nationwide.  We so appreciate visits from readers outside the Commonwealth.  Please come back often, and share your comments, feedback, and ideas.  WT&E Prof Blog readers - if you're ever [...]

Kentucky 2010 Legislative Update 1 – UPMIFA

We're 36 days into the 60-day 2010 Regular Session of the Kentucky Legislature that began on January 5.  (For the legislative calendar, click here.) It's a good time for Kentucky Estates to begin reporting on the status of some of the bills that are relevant to our readers. After failing to pass both houses in [...]

Vermont Author’s Heirs Snarled In Estate Battle

 At the The Wills, Trusts & Estate Prof Blog, Gerry W. Beyer recently wrote an interesting post on the fiduciary litigation in the estate of the beloved late children's author and illustrator, Tasha Tudor.  KYEstate$ readers who read to their children, or who were read to as children, may recall some of her titles, including [...]

Letter Ruling Provides Guidance on Inherited IRAs

KYEstates brings you PLR 200945011 (Nov. 6, 2009), a Letter Ruling that KYEstates can't quite bring itself to really love, even though Natalie Choate surely does.  The Letter Ruling has both good news and bad news for taxpayers.  First, the good news: under the facts of the Letter Ruling, lump-sum, immediate income in respect of [...]

Welcome Readers of Ohio Trust & Estate Blog!

Mike Bonasera of The Ohio Trust & Estate Blog graciously wrote a post about KYEstates after my telephone conversation with him today.  Mike is a great guy who was really generous with his time, and full of helpful, specific suggestions for making KYEstates the best possible resource for the Kentucky T&E Community.  Mike's been blogging [...]

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